This entry was written by Snow as part of a (much belated) author swap! You can check out it's companion entry on their site here.

Also sorry for not writing for a month. Not sorry, who am I apologizing to? Actually, I'm from Minnesota, this is part of my culture, you can't take this away from me. So. Sorry for not writing for a month! Important things were happening then fun things were happening then I fell into Bloodborne. But. Hopefully I'll be back again? I keep saying that. idk if I'm supposed to use these credits things like blog entries but hey, this is my website which apparently makes up for me being a (cw: reclaimed slur /j) cishet, so i can post what I want. Anyways have a nice day or night or whatever. Imma go decide whether to go to sleep so I can go out with friends in the morn, or defend managed democracy so I can go out with freinds in the morn but Sleepy Edition.