author: Moisi Broadcasting and Transmission Authority
dateCreated: 522-06-18
dateRecovered: 524-05-10
length: 256

the most important day is one that begins like any other. a normal day with friends turns into an afternoon of board games turning into a nighttime walk. ceremony has a place, but is not inherent.

the decommissioning of moisi station marks an ending. the materials and components will be recycled on nearby planets, too old to be certified for space, let alone space habitation. it has served us well.

however this day, the last day of moisi station as it is now, is not the most important of its life. the most important days have always been the most ordinary ones. when you live your life upon this station, when you have a good day, and when you experience community here, that is what made moisi station run. this station has encountered extraordinary times, of course. but those days are not what defines a place. when you met up with your friend in the canteen, or spent extra time in the greenhouse, or delivered a shipment and stuck around to explore, you made a difference. you made this station.

i will be here once again to commemorate the grand opening of the new station set to take its place. the new station, as of yet unnamed, has no identity. while ritual has purpose, and ceremony exists for a reason, it does not inherently make a moment special. the new station will get its name as its residents, shipmen, and visitors, make it what it is. the fundamental stuff, what brings meaning, is the ordinary days.