author: Gwen ap Hywel
dateCreated: 490-01-09
dateRecovered: 524-06-07
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Everything spins in a star system. The star has the most angular momentum of the system, because despite being so close to the center, its mass is just so massive1. And then once you have planetary bodies, they have their own angular momentum momentum2 with their satellites. The property of rotation has unexpected effects, like making planets bulge at their equators. Angular momentum is a conserved quantity, so the total momentum of a system should stay constant. Ugh blah blah blah smooth transitiony sentence3. So planetary gravity is very very hard4 to escape, but once you do, you can use the angular momentum of other orbiting bodies to move the craft. This is what motivates the study of angular momentum for spacers.


We move throughout the star system and its galaxy through physical mechanisms, namely angular momentum. And then spinny spinny yay5 but too slow for us to detect, unless we pay real close attention. It's not simple to model this motion for every case. The angular momentum of different objects can be approximated with different equations6, so the shape of a rotational body matters.7


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