author: Wendy Hsiu
dateCreated: 2-10-28 BSE
dateRecovered: 524-01-23
length: 128

oh. my. starsssssss. you guyssssss!!!! guess what!! me and my bestie @ell1e5ver got tickets for EVERY ellie ecstasy show in the ENTIRE MIRFAK SYSTEM!!! this is gonna be my first time leaving planetside ever and im sooo nervous haha... but like after literal YEARS of being an ecstacie from back when she was uploading music to her personal linking node to signing with bìxìu bell records it's like CRAZY to see her grow! im soooo excited and OF COURSE we'll be livestreaming the shows to you alllllllll. one of the opening bands is from my planet which is sooo glam. rei's gonna be updating @elliesrighthandarmman's spreadsheet with every song on this leg. hope she plays some oldies :-) message me if you want to meet up before the show!!!