author: Dr. Vadnais-Carver
dateCreated: 524-04-21
length: 256

Hey ghostie, I don't know if you'll be able to read this, I know you're busy right now.

We noticed that the dates on the recovered entries that we recognize were wrong. Papa's been losing his mind being unable to help you, so he latched onto the problem like a life-preserver. He was plugging away at it for weeks running every test he could without disturbing you, re-reading his VI theory books for the millionth time, even crawling into Rua's guts and physically examining the hardware.

Of course, the problem ended up being minuscule (his words).Turns out the code he wrote to convert Thermian dates to your native encoding did a thing that messed them up. He said they "called a function that implicitly cast an int to a float and back again" which "made the dates fucky." Not sure what that means. Something about decimals.

Anyways, the fixed file is on this external drive if you want it. Don't worry about using it, I think papa is just glad he had something to do.

We miss you a lot out here. We all hope you're doing ok in there. We're rooting for you.

Please come back to us safe.

I've been reading the entries you recover, and I think I'm starting to see why you felt you needed to do this. I'd love to have met those people. I'd wanna remember them too. But just,,, and I feel selfish saying this, but just.

Come back safe, please.

I love you. We all do.