mother_baer.txt (UNLISTED)

author: ollie
dateCreated: 641-01-16 BSE
dateRecovered: 524-01-16
length: 228

baking sheets, sticky dough on my fingers. A twinkle in her eye. She let us leave the real work to her as we abandoned half mixed messes and rushed outside. The yawning openness of the plains, the grandeur of an uncontained sky, was hidden from us in the soft darkness. The air heavy, not quite muggy, a blanket surrounding us as we ran past the barn and into a sea of flashing stars. chasing the elusive lights as they twinkled, then snuffed out, only to reappear a few feet ahead. bottling them , then letting them go. off to the cornfields with you, be free. they swirled around us till the bell rang for cookies. we tumbled back from fields, so tall, to take our too hot morsels from her waiting hands, a smile passing over her face as we nursed our burning tongues on cool milk, and planned to dash out again before the stars went dark for the night

that corn isn't so tall anymore

it's been a long time since we saw that twinkle, that smile, felt the force and weight of a life spent loving others wrapped around us so tight we thought it was a part of our soul, something that could never not be.

she left a while ago, but now we finally get to say goodbye

I promise to keep chasing stars.