This entry is inspired by and set to The Guardian by Waveshaper. Holly shot I love this song so much. I esp love how the background piano chords are mostly synth piano, but then the last chord is always both synth piano and (acoustic?) piano together, cause it's like a synthesis of digital and organic. Fuckin love waveshaper.

Also, this entry is sososo heavily inspired by Mulligan, the centaur combat bot my friend Marty played in the stars without number campaign that inspired my whole writchal. He may need a few more philosophy 101 classes, but he's the most protective being you will ever find.

Also also, holy FUCK this is some of the worst, most hardcoded, most brittle code I've ever written. And I don't know how to make the music player know when music is playing and when it's not, cause the music is playing from an IFrame I cant look inside. So yea. Oopsie.

Anyways, shoutout to Clementine, the cow at JP Licks. What a lass.