The inspiration for this entry is obv obv Trantor from The Foundation Series. Especially Foundation's Edge, which is where the name "Hames" comes from (see: The Hamish).

This idea is one that's been kicking around in my head for a while. A fallen urbworld, jungles and forests and lakes and a thin layer of sediment, centuries in the making, all just a slim skin on top of miles of concrete and metal. I've tried to get a ttrpg group together like 3 times to play a 3 shot stars without number game I call "junkyard kids", but it's never come to fruition.

I also just love the beautiful sight of post-post-apocalypses. I love the image of humanity's works being reclaimed by nature, and us living alongside this decay with new growth and construction on a much smaller scale and in a sustainable way. I don't know exactly how I fell in love with this idea, but the unlisted entry referenced by oldAssDisk.chat is about it. Maybe it started with Songs for the Dusk. Good ass game. I will never ever finish a campaign of it.