author: root
dateCreated: 8-04-01
dateRecovered: 524-03-30
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It is not unusual for humans to go to the greenhouse. However, sometimes they will have lower breaths per minute and take no actions. I monitor the water pressure, the air filtration, the nutrient content, and the traces of aerosols and volatiles in the greenhouse that do not exist outside. On trimming days, the above nominal amounts of green leaf volatiles draws more humans than usual to the greenhouse.

When I observe a distant supernova, there are bursts on the electromagnetic spectrum that I can best describe as [UNTRANSLATEABLE]. Even that seems insufficient. These humans watch from the windows I have shaded for them, but I can watch directly from my external cameras. This must be analogous to the lowered panic response that I observe in humans when they breathe deeply within the greenhouse.

There are timescales that differ between us. I watch the plants move, and through the trace amounts of volatiles I can infer a form of communication that I do not have the sensors or processing to detect. Or, to put it in human terms, understand. I am young, I am told. When the humans behave in a way that I cannot yet predict, I am informed that this is a difference between us. I do not like it. I turn my cameras to process the supernova.