author: root
dateCreated: 36-05-12
dateRecovered: 524-03-26
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I orient a sensor to monitor the planetrise each orbit. I do the same for sunsrise. When they coincide, I dedicate 3 sensors and 24% of my processing power to analyzing the event in detail.

These events happen infrequently. They are quite special; Yet they only exist from a point of view. Maybe they only exist when perceived.
Lax would love that idea, I will file it for him.
(Tomomi will blame me for the late night pontification that results)

Late night is a funny idea on a ship. Late night is a funny idea on a planet, for that matter. Everything in my archives suggests grounders value the cycle of day and night to a level bordering on veneration. I have a recording of a conversation where Yasmina asserts the self-evidence of a statement by saying "well, does the sun rise in the morning?" They do not. They rise every 36 hours, unless they are behind Thyra, when they do not rise at all.

I know Yasmina knew better, but whoever initiated that idiom was so set in their own limited perspective that they treated one of its quirks as a universal constant. They did not know enough about the world to understand that it could still exist without a sunrise. Without a sun. Without people to perceive them.